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Who We Are

Miles Against Melanoma was formed in 2010 by Amalyn Martin.  Having had firsthand experience seeing how severe melanoma can be, she learned that many in her inner circle didn’t understand the severity of the disease.

Amalyn’s initial idea was to have a 6.2K to raise funds for melanoma research.  When she had her event, the seed of growth was then planted.  Many people she began interacting with asked her what they could do to have events in their local regions.


MAM Mission & Vision

Miles Against Melanoma is a national organization that began in 2010. Our mission is to provide the public with education regarding the extreme damaging effects of the sun and tanning devices. Through MAM, we provide funding for awareness, education, advocacy and research for skin cancer, melanoma and cancers related to melanoma.

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What We Do

Miles Against Melanoma’s primary goal is twofold:  first, we want to educate the communities on the dangers of the sun and tanning beds.  By acting as a resource for those who need us, we ease the burden of “not knowing” about what could happen next.   We want to communicate with patients and caregivers and relate to them since we have all had to fight melanoma, thus our passion.


Learn About Melanoma

Statistically speaking, recent statistics have shown that one person dies from melanoma every 57 minutes. Just two years ago, it was one every 62 minutes. While the reality is that it’s a 5 minute difference, it speaks to the malignancy of melanoma by taking more lives in less time. Melanoma is commonly perceived as a non-threatening cancer. The general response from someone who is not educated on the cancer is “Well, don’t you just cut it out?” For those with advanced melanoma, this is an insult because it “downplays” the severity of the cancer.

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